My new husband and I had been married for 72 hrs. With no chance of a honeymoon for several weeks, Don and I were about to meet his new law partner.

We were in the elevator on the way up to his partner’s office, when a tall buxom blonde entered.

Don, my new husband who enjoyed several years of bachelorhood prior to our tying the knot, promptly glued his eyes to the lady’s bosoms, right in front of me, ogling her backside as she stepped off at the next floor.  I could not believe my eyes.

Man staring at woman 2

We found our floor, and met the new partner, then I asked Don for the keys to our car without explaining why.  Assuming I would be going to the nearby shopping mall, he handed me the keys and I took off.

Several hours later, like four, Don began to worry. His new law partner told me later that he had noticed the look I gave my husband when I took the car keys, but he said nothing. When Don questioned my whereabouts he turned to him and said “What did you do? You did something wrong.”

The law firm was in Virginia we lived in Maryland, more than an hour’s drive, and I was now home.  The new partner brought Don home several hours later. I calmly sat him down, and let’s just say there was a very clear meeting of the minds and it never happened again.