It was a sunny summer afternoon as a group of us walked through this gorgeous tree-lined park in the middle of a busy city.

We encountered a group of adults dancing, so we stopped to watch them as they gracefully glided to the Vienna Waltz. The music was coming from a boombox. As I was standing there tapping my feet, the lady who was in charge of this dancing group approached me. She asked if I would  like to join them and I eagerly accepted the invitation. A tall slender gentleman over 6 ft tall, approached and he offered to be my partner, and I accepted. Before I knew it, I was twirling round and round in the arms of a man who danced divinely to the Blue Danube, a Strauss waltz, one of my favorite.  It was a dance I would forever remember for many reasons.  

Although I never knew my partner’s name nor the name of the group, I did find out that the leader of the group was the only one of the dancers who spoke English. They spoke their language, Chinese, as were in Shanghai, China.